The Ultimate Drug & Alcohol Testing Guide For Trucking

A simple guide for safety managers, HR reps, or office administrators in the Trucking Industry.

Learning about the DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations for truck drivers can be time-consuming. It's even more time-consuming if you have taken on a new role at your company. As the employer representative for your safety program, you want to ensure trucking safety and compliance while balancing your workload.

We're here to help. We filtered through the DOT regulations for truck drivers. Next, we filtered the FMCSA drug testing regulations. Then, we added some visual elements and expert knowledge. We ended up with this awesome eBook to help you understand drug testing for truck drivers.

This eBook will teach you:

  • Your administrative responsibilities for your drug and alcohol program for truck drivers
  • The drug testing process for truck drivers and when to test them
  • How to interpret drug test results for truck drivers and the actions you should take after receiving them

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