Improve safety for all your construction projects.

Accidents during construction can link to employee drug and alcohol use. A drug-free workplace improves safety while reducing workplace accidents.

Reduce turnover and improve productivity.

Poor attendance and other problems that lead to job loss associate with employees who abuse drugs or alcohol. A drug-free workplace improves employee health and wellness. The result: a more productive workforce.

Reduce your administrative burden.

Administering a construction company's drug and alcohol program internally requires a dedicated staff but, it doesn't have to. Reduce your administrative burden with Screensoft. Your account comes with exceptional support including:

  • A personal account manager with unlimited support.
  • Contact and liaison between service agents to perform screening for your construction company. 
  • Quality Control (QC) monitoring of service agents. 
  • National and local collection site management.
  • Unlimited record storage including drug and alcohol results and forms. 
  • Employee random selections and notifications. 

National Collection Site Network

With over 10,000 locations in the U.S., we can guarantee drug and alcohol screening services near your business. 

Implement the best drug testing management software for construction.

Features include:

  • Store all your employee records in one place through the web. 
  • Locate a collection site and order drug and alcohol tests throughout the U.S. using eCCF integrated technology. 
  • Automated employee random selections and notifications. Create a company random pool or join a consortium.
  • Generate annual reports and customize a report for your company.  

Protect your construction company. 

A workplace drug policy is the foundation of a drug-free workplace and reduces your liability. With the support of a professional consulting team, we can quickly and affordably update your existing policy or create a new one. We'll draft a policy to reflect your company's culture, existing safety, disciplinary standards, and desired objectives. 

Compliant policies cover:

  • Policy Purpose
  • Specimen Types
  • Testing Procedures
  • Legal/Prescription Drugs
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Mandatory State Drug Testing Laws
  • Workers' Compensation Denial/Reduction
  • Unemployment Denial
  • Workers' Compensation Premium Discounts
  • ADA
  • Prohibited Conduct
  • Consequences Liability

Policy Review

If you have an existing policy, we'll review it to ensure it meets your goals and contains the necessary components of a compliant process. This service includes:

  • Section-by-section review
  • Line-by-line recommendations
  • Practical suggestions for internal re-write purposes
  • State-by-state requirements for all applicable state laws 
  • Federal drug and alcohol requirements as needed
  • A follow-up conference call
  • Policy strengths and weaknesses highlighted

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Drug policies are guaranteed compliant with all applicable laws and regulations for one year from delivery. During the one-year compliance guarantee period, if there are any applicable law changes, we'll update your policy at no additional charge. Your policy also includes support from our legal team about any questions that you may have.

Get a drug and alcohol program evaluation.