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Lifetime Membership

Price: $199.00

Available Options

* Your DOT Agency:
* Pre-employment Drug Test:

You're required to complete a pre-employment drug test upon enrollment. For exemption requirements, please check the FAQ tab below. 

Lifetime membership in the Screensoft DOT drug testing consortium for an owner-operator or individual. Displayed price covers your membership for unlimited years. Cancel anytime. Drug and alcohol tests are additional and pay-as-you-go. 

Packaged drug and alcohol tests include the sample collection, MRO review, and laboratory testing.

-DOT urine drug screen starting at $56.50
-DOT alcohol test $10 + Collection Site Fee

Drug and alcohol test prices are subject to collection site locations. See terms and conditions for complete collection site network information and pricing.

A DOT-compliant random selection pool comprised of professionals covered under the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Your membership includes:

-Enrollment certificate
-DOT compliance documents
-Certification letters
-Random selection reports and email notifications
-DOT Management Information Systems (MIS) reports 
-Access to the Screensoft web application
-Locate, order, and schedule services at collection sites throughout the United States using Federal eCCF integrated technology
-A personal account representative knowledgeable of the DOT regulations
-Unlimited email and phone support to assist with scheduling services and general inquiries
-Quality control (QC) monitoring of collection sites, Medical Review Officer (MRO), and laboratory vendors
-Collection site network management

Must own and operate your business under your own authority and be covered under the United States DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program requirements. If you're not sure, use the "Am I Covered" tool from the Office of Drug & Alcohol Program & Compliance (ODAPC).

If you plan on hiring DOT-covered employees within 12 months, please sign up for the DOT employer program

Q: Do I need to take a pre-employment drug test?
A: You are exempt from taking a pre-employment drug test if:
You have participated in a controlled substances testing program that meets the requirements of your DOT agencies part within the previous 30 days and:
-Were tested for controlled substances within the past six months, or
-Participated in the random controlled substances testing program for the previous 12 months.

If you are exempt, keep the following information for your records:
-Name and address of the program.
-Verification of your enrollment in the program.
-Verification that the program conforms to 49 CFR Part 40.
-Verification that you are qualified under your DOT agency rules.
-The date you were last tested for controlled substances.
-The results of any tests taken within the previous six months.

Q: Can I switch from another DOT consortium?
A: Yes. You can switch anytime throughout the year. Make sure your drug and alcohol test results and DOT reports are accessible or request copies before you switch.

Q: How does the Screensoft DOT consortium work?
A: The DOT consortium pool participants are combined from multiple businesses. The selection of participants for random alcohol and controlled substances testing is made by a software random algorithm. Each participant selected for random alcohol and controlled substances testing by the selection process has an equal chance of being tested each time selections are made. Each selection period is made quarterly (4 times per year).

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