Workplace Drug & Alcohol Screening - How We Help

Workplace drug and alcohol screening (aka "drug and alcohol testing"). For most employers, this is a scary subject. The administrative burden, costs, and legalities can strike fear in any business. Luckily, Screensoft is here to solve these challenges.

Jan 04
Published in Company News

Screensoft Is Now Integrated With The DOT eCCF

We're proud to announce that the Screensoft web system is now integrated with the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) eCCF.

Federal eCCF - The Best New Tech For DOT Drug Testing

More workplace drug testing laboratories are becoming approved for the use of the Federal eCCF. This means more DOT-regulated employers are taking advantage of this technology. The Federal eCCF streamlines the DOT drug testing process and it’s easy to see why employers are using it. 

The Advantages of Joining a Drug Testing Consortium

A drug testing consortium is one random drug testing program consisting of many employers. Consortia are usually offered to employers regulated under the Department of Transportation. Applying them to the general workplace also has its advantages.