Michigan Welfare Drug Testing Program - What Went Wrong?

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services conducted a one-year pilot drug testing program between October 2015 and September 30, 2016. The program included drug testing welfare applicants or recipients in three counties. Those involved have described the program as an "utter failure". So, what went wrong? Here's our analysis. 

Nov 30

Six Reasons When To Drug Test CDL Drivers

Do you manage CDL drivers that operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle? If so, you need to know the six official reasons when to drug test your drivers. These will keep you in compliance with the Department of Transportation and help you maintain a drug-free workplace. 

Federal eCCF - The Best New Tech For DOT Drug Testing

More workplace drug testing laboratories are becoming approved for the use of the Federal eCCF. This means more DOT-regulated employers are taking advantage of this technology. The Federal eCCF streamlines the DOT drug testing process and it’s easy to see why employers are using it. 

Oct 17

TDLR Drug Testing - The Top Violations Of 2016

In September 2016, the TDLR Advisory Board met in Austin, Texas. We reviewed their staff report and found some interesting statistics. 

Drug-Free Workplace - Five Steps To Creating A Successful Program

Be sure the executives, managers, and supervisors understand the laws and regulations that apply to your business. Everyone should be on the same page before taking these next steps. These will take you from planning a drug-free workplace to implementation.  

Sep 23
Published in Company News

Drug Testing Policy Development - A New Service From Screensoft

Screensoft is proud to announce its drug testing policy services. Screensoft customers now have access to a team of experienced industry experts and legal counsel. Developing a drug testing policy is the start to a successful drug-free workplace. 

The Advantages of Joining a Drug Testing Consortium

A drug testing consortium is one random drug testing program consisting of many employers. Consortia are usually offered to employers regulated under the Department of Transportation. Applying them to the general workplace also has its advantages. 

Sep 13
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Screensoft Becomes A TDLR Approved Consortium

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has names Screensoft as an approved consortium. Screensoft has met the drug testing requirements of the Texas Administration Code 86.710 and 85.726. 

Five Steps To Drug Testing Program Management

Human resources and managing your company’s drug testing program can be tough. A common mistake we come across is when employers jump into pre-employment or random testing. Drug testing is actually only one part of a complete workplace drug program. Workplace drug testing shouldn't be put in place without taking these first steps. 

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