About Us

Who We Are

A family business founded on two people's ambition to make it easier to comply with
employment screening regulations. Screensoft is the workplace solution to support these challenges.  

Employment screening should be easier, and we want to make it that way.

-Hagen DeRouen, CEO/Co-founder

Our Mission

Improve technology, minimize compliance risk, and educate.
We provide workplace solutions for efficient employers throughout the United States.
Employers should spend less time worrying about legal complexities
and more time focusing on core competencies.
Financial profitability isn’t a goal but, it’s a result of customer focused products and exceptional service.

We’re technology driven and we focus on leveraging our products through the web.
We retain employees by encouraging education, creating opportunities for growth,
compensation on the basis of performance, and amazing working conditions so that they can extend our values
to every person we interact with.
We’re educators and believe that customers should be empowered instead of reliant.    

Our Values

Spiritual Growth

God is part of the foundation of this business. Therefore, all that we do center around Him
and everyone will certainly have opportunities to hear.


Be transparent in your work and share with others.


Connect with people on a human level, be honest, and trust will occur naturally.


Give back and lift up others.


Push yourself to obtain your goals.