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Employment Screening For Human Resources (4)

Learn more about implementing a drug-free workplace, employment screening insights, and the need-to-know background checks compliance for Human Resource professionals. 

Drug-Free Workplace - Five Steps To Creating A Successful Program

Be sure the executives, managers, and supervisors understand the laws and regulations that apply to your business. Everyone should be on the same page before taking these next steps. These will take you from planning a drug-free workplace to implementation.  

Drug-Free Workplace - Overview of Key Regulations

Federal and state agencies regulate safety and security industries to implement a drug-free workplace. If your business isn't regulated, you're volunteering to have a drug-free workplace. In either case, never assume that you aren’t liable for any wrong doings. We won't cover every state and federal regulation but, we'll point you in the right direction.

Drug-Free Workplace - A Human Resources Guide

If you oversee the human resources department and have been tasked with implementing a drug-free workplace, you have a lot to learn. With proper planning, you can implement a successful drug-free workplace program but, businesses failing to understand their requirements and liabilities can face severe penalties and lawsuits filed by workers. 

Five Steps To Drug Testing Program Management

Human resources and managing your company’s drug testing program can be tough. A common mistake we come across is when employers jump into pre-employment or random testing. Drug testing is actually only one part of a complete workplace drug program. Workplace drug testing shouldn't be put in place without taking these first steps.