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Loading Dock Safety Tips For Truckers and Warehouse Workers [Infographic]

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Accidents happen, but the last place you want them to happen is in your warehouse. Accidents and carelessness on the loading dock can lead to damaged goods and lost time, as well as serious injuries and costly lawsuits. The vast majority of accidents that occur on loading docks and warehouses could have been avoided if only those involved followed the proper safety procedures.

In addition to truckers and warehouse workers needing to be aware of what they must do to be safe in the warehouse, they need to internalize those ideas so they never forget them. Keeping the warehouse and loading dock safe is everyone’s responsibility — from the workers on the floor to upper management. The entire company needs to understand what is needed to keep workers safe. The accompanying guide contains some basic safety tips for truckers and warehouse workers when it comes to keeping the loading dock safe for everyone involved. With proper preparation and the right frame of mind, you can keep accidents far from your loading dock.

Infographic created by Verduyn Tarps

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