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Workplace Drug & Alcohol Screening - How We Help

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Workplace drug and alcohol screening (aka "drug and alcohol testing"). For most employers, this is a scary subject. The administrative burden, costs, and legalities can strike fear in any business. Luckily, Screensoft is here to solve these challenges.

Who is Screensoft?

Screensoft is a service company and workplace drug and alcohol screening platform. We’ve broken down our solutions into three major categories. These are software and support, competitive pricing, and legal compliance. 

Software & Support

The drug and alcohol screening process requires many service providers. This includes collection sites, laboratories, and Medical Review Officers (MROs). The Screensoft network includes over 10,000 collection sites and five testing laboratories. Screensoft monitors all providers for quality assurance. The Screensoft Network eliminates the time it takes vetting service providers. By partnering with Screensoft, you can reduce your drug screening program's implementation time.

Communication with each service provider is important. You have to provide them with the right information.

Here are the steps required for an applicant to complete a drug screen without Screensoft:

  1. Locate a collection site to perform the correct drug screen service.
  2. Schedule the drug screen at the collection site location.
  3. Notify the applicant or employee to take the drug screen.
  4. Fill out the custody and control form (CCF)
  5. Make sure the employee completes the drug screen at the collection site.
  6. Request the completed copy of the CCF. 
  7. Make sure the testing laboratory receives the sample.
  8. Make sure the MRO receives the laboratory result.
  9. Request the completed result from the MRO. 
  10. Review the result and qualify the employee.
  11. Store the test result and supporting documents in a secure location.

Screensoft streamlines the communication between service providers using two tools. These are the electronic custody and control from (eCCF) and the order and scheduling wizard.

What is the electronic custody and control form (eCCF)?

The eCCF is an electronic version of the five-part, paper custody and control form. It documents the ordering, specimen collection, laboratory, and Medical Review Officer (MRO) process. General workplace drug testing programs have used the eCCF for years. The Federal government approved it for Federal workplace drug testing in 2015.

Screensoft integrates with the eCCF. This allows you to place orders and track their statuses. The order status provides more insight throughout the drug screening process. It allows you to see if an employee visited the collection site or if the lab has completed testing. Screensoft updates order statuses in real-time. 


Order & Scheduling

The order and scheduling wizard is self-explanatory. It takes you step-by-step through placing orders and scheduling services at collection sites. Order details include the employee's information, collection site, dates, and eCCF order number.

When writing on paper CCFs, missing information is common. The wizard prevents you from missing any information such as the employee's ID or type of test (pre-employment, random, etc.). The employee can complete a drug screen without hassle. They provide the order document to the collection site. They can also provide the collection site with the order ID number or scannable barcode.

A screenshot of the order and scheduling wizard with donor pass
The order and scheduling wizard with donor pass


Screensoft reduces the ordering steps by packaging your company's services into a single order. Packages allow you to group similar orders based on job roles at your company. For example, if you have Department of Transportation (DOT)-covered employees, you can create a "DOT Panel" package that includes a DOT drug test. If you have non-safety employees, you can create a "10 Panel" that includes a non-DOT ten-panel drug test.

A screenshot showing the drop-down list of packages
Service package examples


Screensoft can customize packages in any combination. This includes hair drug testing, urine drug testing, alcohol testing, and POCT urine drug testing.

The order and scheduling wizard includes three order handling options:

  • Complete the order, print the order details, and give it to the employee.
  • Complete the order and email it to the employee.
  • Send a link to the employee to locate a collection site and complete the order.

The third option is the most efficient. This option emails a link to the employee and they may choose an accessible collection site. Next, they complete the order and print the order details. The employee brings the donor pass document with them to the collection site.

Random Selection Tools

Screensoft includes random selection tools that help you track your random selection programs.

A Screensoft random selection pool is rule-based. For example, you can combine multiple DOT agency employees into one pool. Or, Screensoft can create multiple pools for each employee category. Joining a consortium pool is always a great option.

A consortium is a pool that contains employees across many businesses. A consortium pool spreads the responsibility of completing your random drug tests across many businesses. This, in turn, reduces the risk of not meeting the minimum random selection requirements. 

After setting the rules for your pool, Screensoft sends automated email notifications for upcoming selection periods. Once the random selection runs, selection lists are also sent to your email.

The most difficult task of managing a pool is determining whether participants have completed their tests. You must compare all the drug test results against your random selection list. Screensoft automates this process. As random drug test results complete, Screensoft matches them to selection records. If there isn't a match, Screensoft will isolate these tests. This way, you can identify errors and correct mismatched test results. Some common errors with using a paper custody and control form is writing the wrong SSN or employee ID number. 

Create Reports

With the click of a button, Screensoft compiles your company's DOT Management Information System (MIS) data into a report. No more manual calculations. Also, you can create your own reports using the export tools.

Personal Support

Everyone needs help sometimes. In some situations, the answer may not always be clear. That's why Screensoft is here for you. Your account representative is always an email or phone call away.

Competitive Pricing

Screensoft's mission is to create affordable pricing for workplace drug and alcohol screening.

When businesses work one-on-one with service providers, they get pricing for their annual testing volume. If you’re a small business, you may only have a couple of drug tests per year. Other service providers will try to make up for this by increasing their markup per test or adding high administrative fees. Administrative fees may seem small at first but the more there are, the more they add up. Common fees from other providers are an account set up fee, fees per employee, and miscellaneous fees.

Screensoft creates competitive pricing by leveraging our combined testing volume. This creates greater purchasing power like a purchasing cooperative. We pass our high-volume discounts to all our customers. So, whether you have five employees or 5,000, we can offer you affordable pricing.

Legal Compliance

The standards of your workplace drug screening program depend on your legal obligations. If you operate in a safety-sensitive industry, you may be subject to the DOT's regulations. If you aren’t subject to Federal drug testing regulations, your business creates its own standards. This doesn't mean that you aren’t exposed to any legal risk. Your business may be subject to State laws, local laws or both. Plus, you should always consider Federal laws such as the EEOC and ADA. If you don't meet your legal obligations, your company is subject to penalties, fines, and lawsuits.

A drug-free workplace policy is a foundation for meeting your legal requirements. A policy is also the basis for a successful workplace drug screening program. Many businesses may not realize that a "DOT-compliant" policy does not mean you're legally protected. It may pass an audit but, it may not protect your business from State laws, local laws, or workforce discrimination claims. Policy templates found online or elsewhere can be helpful. Only use templates as a first draft and we always recommend having your policies reviewed by a labor relations attorney.

Screensoft takes a comprehensive approach to draft your policy. We learn about your company's culture, existing safety, disciplinary standards, and desired objectives. We combine these elements with a compliant policy. This way, we can cover a range of legal requirements from the DOT's to mandatory State drug testing laws. Screensoft's legal team helps your business meet all its legal obligations.

Also, Screensoft provides ongoing compliance support. We track the legal landscape of workplace drug and alcohol screening. We notify customers of any regulation or law changes. We also update our customers' policies and procedures.  

We’ll continue working hard to solve the challenges of workplace drug and alcohol screening.

Want to be part of Screensoft’s workplace drug screening solutions? Contact us for a free business consultation or call us at 888-469-0652. 

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Hagen DeRouen

Co-founder & CEO at Screensoft. 10+ years of experience with employment screening program management and guidance. Certifications including FCRA basic, MRO assistant, and professional collector trainer.