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Seven Great Blogs About Trucking Safety

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If you're a safety manager in the transportation industry it's a relief to have help from others. We scoured the web and put together the best blogs we could find for trucking and driver safety. Subscribe to any of these for the best tips for truck driver occupational safety and health. 

 Here are seven great blogs about trucking safety:

1. Trucking Truth 


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Trucking Truth was started by a trucking veteran Brett Aquila and includes over 400 articles. They’re written by experts in the industry to provide “a positive yet honest view of the trucking industry”. 

Three safety posts we like from Trucking Truth’s blog:

2. Trucking Info 


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Trucking Info is a leading media service company for the Trucking Industry. They’ve been around for quite awhile and started as a regional magazine. offers daily news from safety and compliance to equipment and operations.

Three safety posts we like from Trucking Info’s blog: 

3. Element Fleet 


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Element Fleet is a fleet management company providing management services and financing for vehicle and equipment fleets. Their blog focuses on issues related to fleet services, fleet policies, and trends. Topics include vehicle accident management and driver safety.

Three safety posts we like from Element Fleet’s blog:

4. FleetFocus 


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FleetFocus is published by NexTraq. NexTraq is a GPS fleet management solution. Their mission: “ provide the most easy-to-use, reliable and comprehensive solution in the GPS vehicle and fleet tracking industry.” They also have a blog category dedicated to driver safety. 

Three safety posts we like from FleetFocus:

5. Quick Transport Solutions


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Quick Transport Solutions offers a portfolio of services for transportation and freight logistics on their website. I was really impressed with how relevant their topics are. They know how to listen to their client's. 

On their blog, search for “safety” in the search bar. 

Three safety posts we like from Quick Transport Solutions’ blog:

6. Fleet Owner 


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Fleet Owner writes to a very specific audience which are executives and managers of commercial trucking fleets that operate five or more vehicles. With a dedicated page to safety, they fit perfectly on our list. 

Three safety posts we like from Fleet Owner’s blog:

7. TruckersReport 


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TruckersReport doesn’t have a blog but, we couldn’t ignore them because of the crazy amount of traffic their website has. According to their website, as of January 2016, they have more than 700,000 visitors per month. Their industry forum is a network of professional truck drivers. If you have a trucking related question, this is the place to go. 

We didn’t have any favorite posts because it’s a forum site.

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