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Federal eCCF - The Best New Tech For DOT Drug Testing

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More workplace drug testing laboratories are becoming approved for the use of the Federal eCCF. This means more DOT-regulated employers are taking advantage of this technology. The Federal eCCF streamlines the DOT drug testing process and it’s easy to see why employers are using it. 

ECCF "eCCF" stands for electronic custody and control form. On April 13, 2015, The Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance issued a final rule. The rule allows employers and service agents to use the electronic version of the Federal Drug Testing CCF.  

What’s the Federal eCCF?

The Federal eCCF is an electronic version of the traditional, five-part, paper Federal Custody and Control Form (CCF). The form documents the ordering, specimen collection, laboratory, and Medical Review Officer (MRO) processing. The DOT-regulated drug testing program requires a Federal CCF for all drug tests. 

Federal eCCF Benefits

The most obvious benefit of the Federal eCCF is that it will have an immediate impact on paperwork reduction. Employers and service agents won't have to worry about stocking or ordering supplies. For several years, most laboratories have used an eCCF for non-DOT drug testing. This has resulted in many benefits.

These same benefits will translate to the Federal eCCF use including:

  • Faster turnaround time on results
  • Fewer data entry and legibility issues
  • Reduced collection site flaws
  • Streamlined delivery of the Federal eCCF copies to employers and MROs
  • Insight and status tracking
  • Improved efficiency

How To Implement The Federal eCCF

First, HHS must approve your laboratory through the National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP). Here’s a listing of approved labs for eCCF use. Also, the collection site that you’re using needs to have the eCCF system in place. 

The technology system you’re using to order drug tests should also be integrated for the Federal eCCF use. Check to make sure your laboratories ordering system is integrated. If you're using a third-party, check to if they are preparing for these changes. In either case, contact your account representative to be sure you are prepared for implementation. 

Like all changes, the Federal eCCF will take time for implementation. The labs, collection sites, MRO’s, and other service providers across the U.S. have to prepare. The benefits of using the Federal eCCF will have a dramatic improvement on your DOT drug testing program. The best way for employers to put in place the Federal eCCF is to prepare and communicate with your service providers. 

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