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Sep 23
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Drug Testing Policy Development - A New Service From Screensoft

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Screensoft is proud to announce its drug testing policy services. Screensoft customers now have access to a team of experienced industry experts and legal counsel. Developing a drug testing policy is the start to a successful drug-free workplace. 

The legal requirements for employers who conduct drug testing are becoming more complex. We offer drug testing as a core service so, it’s critical to provide our clients with a solid foundation. We need to mitigate their risk for lawsuits or non-compliance. It just isn’t practical in the industry today to have templates or blanket policies.

-Hagen DeRouen, CEO 

Drug testing policy services include policy development, review, and state amendments. Screensoft policies are guaranteed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This includes the Department of Transportation's procedures for drug and alcohol testing programs. Drug testing policy services will add their existing workplace drug testing and substance abuse training portfolio. 

Read more about Policy Development from Screensoft.

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Hagen DeRouen

Co-founder & CEO at Screensoft. 10+ years of experience with employment screening program management and guidance. Certifications including FCRA basic, MRO assistant, and professional collector trainer.